This script allow to access to individual articles, annexes, or sections of some EU legal texts.
It can be used either interactively or through the use of an URL.
Interactive call allow to:
  1. choose a EU legal text,
  2. browse through the table of contents with 2 levels of titles,
  3. display the choosen element.
For each line of the table of contents: URL have to conform to the following pattern:<CELEX>&language=<language> [ &annex=<annex> [ &section=<section> ] ]
where :
 <CELEX> is the CELEX of the document without the string 'CELEX:'
 <language> is the language of the document (eg: 'fr','en', ...) ; 'fr,en' allow a display in both languages,
 <annex> is the number of the annex in roman digits,
 <section> is the number of the section which must end with a dot.
If the text is not available, the script forwards to the text of the EUR-Lex site. eutext

Access to subparts of some EU legal texts

The following texts are available : Documentation en français in english